New in MeasureColor Reports 21.2

Exchange and share

Printing companies collect detailed measurements from many different aspects of the printing process (dot gain, overprint, gray balance, color accuracy, ISO/G7 compliance, etc.). Comprehensive information is valuable to them because it helps to analyze and improve process consistency. Of course, some of this information is proprietary and should not be shared: it’s about the ins and outs of the printing process. But some of this data is also useful for other stakeholders because it proves competence, color accuracy, and process repeatability.

Information exchange is therefore valuable. From now on, you can link different MeasureColor Report servers and share information between multiple servers. Thus, each of the stakeholders receives just the useful information, no more, but certainly no less.

Facilitate continuous improvement across the whole group

Printing plant subsidiaries share production performance information between each other and with their headquarter. For example, they compare machine performance, operator quality level, make-ready efficiency, color consistency, ink recipes, and much more.

Quality control of all printed packaging and labels

Brand owners receive print quality data of individual print jobs or from across a whole product portfolio to assess the color consistency of their important brand colors.

Learn – share – optimize

Prepress agencies receive and share data to improve toolmaking, digital color proof prediction, and help with process stability and print repeatability.

Need for efficiency and speed

A lot of data – good accessibility – fast searches, that’s what you need. You receive more and more measurement data from printing presses. That’s why we continuously update and improve our technology under the hood. You don’t see it, but you immediately feel it when you list and drill down the data. The more data you can process quickly, the more actionable the information becomes. Our technology also allows processing more complex searches and analysis, so your insights become statistically more accurate.