Newsletter November 2020

NEW in MeasureColor 20.3

Support for Konica Minolta MYIRO-1

The Konica Minolta MYIRO-1 is a handheld device, and you use it as a spot-measuring device and/or a scan-measuring device. It has the same high accuracy as the Konica Minolta FD-9 auto-scan instrument. MeasureColor connects to the MYIRO-1via USB and WIFI.


Connection to Signal Tower KombiSIGN


MeasureColor connects to Werma KombiSIGN 72 Signal Tower via USB. The 5-color, blue-white-green-amber-red lights show measurement status across your production floor. The press operator can act immediately without sitting in front of the MeasureColor monitor. It is extremely useful combined with our measurement data auto-import technology, where we import measurement data automatically from the printing press or in-line spectral measuring devices.

The KombiSign 72 shows:

  • Red – Amber – Green as solid lights during ‘production mode’ and as blinking lights during ‘make-ready’ mode. This indicates whether the color measurements are within tolerance or not.
  • Blue light means that the auto-importer is running and waiting for new incoming measurements.
  • White light warns the operator when the auto-importer is ‘paused’, and no data is coming in.

In the MeasureColor Management system, you configure the OK – WARN – FAIL behavior separately for each module (Process Control – MultiSpot – Proofing – Image). After login, MeasureColor distributes the settings system-wide. A simple plug-and-play system without the need for system driver installation. Just update your MeasureColor to the latest version, and the auto-client updater installs everything.


Esko CurvePilot .ted support


MeasureColor 20.3 adds supports Esko’s .ted file format. Use measurements in MeasureColor to create and tune CTP curves for Esko CurvePilot with ease. It’s an easy and fast way to adjust and control dot gain on press.


Importer for KBA ErgoTronic


MeasureColor accepts measurement data directly from KBA ErgoTronic systems. The ErgoTronic ColorControl captures data of production measurements and collects them in KBA’s nested folders. MeasureColor accesses these nested folders, imports the data, and checks those measurements against the corresponding color targets and production tolerances. MeasureColor Reports picks-up this information automatically for process analytics, quality reports, and print room performance comparison.


Set default TVI curves for PantoneLIVE

MeasureColor 20.3 adds new functionality to the PantoneLIVE module. You can now specify a default tone value curve to be used when creating new jobs using PantineLIVE instead of setting these manually each time.


Improved Auto Job setup


Our XML specification for Auto Job Setup now allows specific color books to be set per ink. Previously, only one process color book and one spot color book could be used. Now each ink can have its own color book specified. Additionally, we now allow specific target dot gain curves to be set per ink as well.


MeasureColor Reports version 20.3

Together with MeasureColor 20.3, MeasureColor Reports 20.3 has been released.

Reports 20.3 adds measurement device usage tracking, log in via email and system-wide settings for pass/warn/fail behavior.

Users who run larger databases (100GB+) will notice overall system performance for various reports.

Upgrade policy: It is advised to upgrade MeasureColor Reports 20.3 and MeasureColor 20.3 at the same time.



MeasureColor enables color consistency across the complete product portfolio. This helps to build brand equity. Contact us to understand how this would work for you!