MeasureColor Reports 20.1 new features and improvements

Support PQX (Print Quality eXchange)
Exchanging measured data between different software applications has always been difficult due to the use of many propitiatory file formats and incompatibilities between the different vendors.
MeasureColor Reports is one of the first color management systems to support the new PQX (ISO 20616-2) standard. PQX is an XML specification that standardizes the exchange of print quality data in the same matter the industry uses CxF/X today.
Companies that are using MeasureColor Reports can now start to export their measured data in PQX format so that the data can be imported into other (external) PQX compatible systems.

New data fields transmitted to Reports
In order to extend to capabilities of MeasureColor Reports, version 20.1 adds new data fields and results for individual samples and summary info to improve the reporting and analysis capabilities of various (customized) Reports, like:
● DensityChannel (C/M/Y/Visual)
● SampleC (Chromacity) and Sample (hue angle)
● GrayBalance correction C/M/Y

Support for PantoneLIVE generated print jobs
MeasureColor Reports now accepts MeasureColor jobs that are created with PantoneLIVE. Please note that due to the nature of the PantoneLIVE license model, not all data (like spectral curves of the target colors) can be displayed.

System Performance and robustness
Many improvements for the 20.1 release of Reports have been added under-the-hood. For this release the team focused on the robustness and response time of the entire system.
Many Report views like the Print Room Dashboard and Ink Analysis have an updated structure that speeds uploading time. This, in combination with the updated SQL queries, improves the speed of the system dramatically, especially in situations where large amounts of data (100GB+) are used.