MeasureColor 20.1 new features and improvements

Support for Variable Inc Spectro

MeasureColor 20.1 connects with the Variable Inc Spectro 1 pocket spectral device using a special Bluetooth dongle. The Spectro1 is the world’s first pocket-size spectro device!

X-Rite eXact AutoScan enhancements

X-Rite eXact AutoScan now measures patches as small as 3mm. A Spot/Scan pull-down was added to the measuring screen and the device can now be set for leading/trailing Color bar operation.

Spot color target matching during Job setup

In the Color and inks dialog, it is now possible to select a Color book and fire a measurement on a physical sample to find the nearest target within the book.

Support for transferring PantoneLIVE based jobs to Reports

MeasureColor jobs based on PantoneLIVE target data are now transferred to Reports.

Global settings

To improve the manageability of the system, MeasureColor 20.1 moves a few settings from the measuring client workstations to the server, eliminating the need to replicate settings between workstations. The global settings will automatically overrule the existing client settings.

Various other improvements:

● ProcessControl module:
○ GrayFinder corrections are now sent to Reports for detailed gray balance analysis
○ Added support for Intellitrax2 foot pedal
○ Improved Rutherford closed-loop support for light spot colors
○ Reduce number of warnings for Intellitrax in case of missing spectral targets
○ Improved indication of OK-sheets and Custom References
○ Improved support for PantoneLIVE and Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV)
○ Added support to measure dot gain for spot colors while using G7 for process colors

● ColorDrive module
○ Added support for BST iPQ Spectral inline systems

● Spot Color Tool
○ Remember last selected color book
○ Added list of recently used target colors
○ Added Print screen button
○ Added date/timestamp to interface (and print screen)

● MultiSpot module
○ Opacity measurement added (license restrictions may apply)
○ Added an option to display absolute densities or delta-density
○ Updated job info view

● Reference Manager module
○ Ink info2 field now supports multi-line input

● Generic
○ Added scale to CIE-L graphs
○ Do not send MeasureColor demo data to Reports on a clean install

Most important bug fixes:

● MultiSpot module
○ Fixed an issue where custom data fields were not copied when duplicating a job.
● Spot Color Tool module
○ Fixed an issue where custom tolerances were not applied
● AutoSVF Importer module
○ Fixed an issue where the application could crash when a measurement is imported for a non-existing job
● Image module
○ Fixed an issue where ChromaTrack best match would work on PantoneLIVE colors
● Remote clients
○ Fixed an issue where the application could crash if a remote company had no machine assigned
● Generic
○ Fixed an issue where automatic connection setup between MeasureColor and MeasureColor Reports would not work