Microsoft ends SQL Server 2008 support

MeasureColor is a client-server based application and makes use of Microsoft SQL server technology. For your information, we want to inform you that Microsoft has decided to stop supporting SQL Server 2008 and 2008R2 from July 9th, 2019: Extended support ended. From that date, your application will probably still be safe and good working, but as the time passes not-upgrading to a more recent version of Microsoft SQL server may lead to inaccuracies or safety issues. After all, Microsoft will no longer release free improvements and security updates to keep the software up-to-date, while hackers will continue to search for “holes” to inject malware or to access your data.

It is therefore important to start using a new SQL edition in the short term. This guarantees the continuity of your MS SQL-based business applications, their security and the connection with 3rd party software for the coming years.

How to check your SQL version? Please check with your IT manager first: he/she will know what SQL version is installed.

  • Are you using SQL Express 2008? In this case, you can update without costs to SQL Express 2017. Please read our instructions here (ONLY applies to SQL Express 2008): Update to SQL Express 2017. Note: If you are using a version of SQL Express that is newer than 2008, you do not need to update.
  • What if I am using SQL Server 2008 or Server 2008R2 (commercial version): please contact your local Microsoft partner.

Can’t figure out which version of SQL you are using? Alternatively, you can download a small tool from our website here: MeasureColor Labs. The tool checks the SQL version of the Colorware instance when you run it on the server machine.

If you want to or need to upgrade, please contact your local Microsoft partner.