MeasureColor supports X-Rite eXact Autoscan and DataColor Check3

More and more devices supported by MeasureColor

By adding support for two more excellent and popular devices, MeasureColor brings its solutions to the production environment in both commercial and packaging print and adjacent markets.

X-Rite eXact auto-scan

From the very beginning, MeasureColor has always been a device-independent end-to-end solution for color management. Colorware, the innovative developer of the high quality color management tool MeasureColor, is now adding two more devices to its portfolio. Complementing a variety of X-Rite devices, the platform now also supports the very NEW X-Rite eXact Autoscan. This spectrophotometer can be used for spot, manual and automated measurement. The new and easy-to-use eXact Autoscan makes a great team together with MeasureColor for optimizing quality control in the pressroom.

Maintaining constant quality can be even more challenging in the packaging environment. In most conventional pressrooms a conventional spectrophotometer – also known as a 0:45 instrument – is sufficient, especially when measuring matte or smooth surfaces. In the packaging environment however, measuring metallic inks, foil or print on tin cans is common practice. In those cases a sphere spectrophotometer, or a d/8° instrument, is needed. These devices use multi-angle spectrophotometer technology and are able to measure color on reflecting surfaces. They are especially useful in production environments for luxury packaging.

Datacolor Check3

Today MeasureColor announces the support for Check 3, the portable sphere spectrophotometer from Datacolor. As of now, Check 3 users will be able to benefit from all the advantages MeasureColor has to offer, such as ease of use, considerable reduction of makeready times and fast and solid data management. MeasureColor is the color hub in your production environment, giving you comprehensive and efficient quality control.

Colorware CTO Erik Koldenhof: “Giving the user the freedom to use whatever device he chooses, has always been very important for MeasureColor. By adding support for X-Rite’s eXact Autoscan and Datacolor’s Check 3, we have extended the possibilities for our users. We want them to be able to choose the software they want in combination with the device they want.” In the near future, Colorware will continue to add even more devices to the MeasureColor portfolio. By eliminating errors and taking out the guesswork MeasureColor will put brand owners, quality managers and operators in control of their color communication.