MeasureColor & ColorCert Scorecard Server

How can I send data from MeasureColor to ColorCert Scorecard Server to meet my print buyer requirements?

In the packaging industry today, many printers are asked to provide quality feedback to their customer, the brand owner.
Brand owners often use their own solutions for print quality management, which are not typical pressroom tools designed towards the actual press operator.
MeasureColor with its open communication structure is capable of sending print quality data to many 3rd party systems, including Schawk ColorDrive, Phototype PQM and, X-Rite ColorCert ScoreCard Server.

MeasureColor has a great advantage of being able to send data to ColorCert without interfering with the press operator during production.
This saves additional training and loss of time for operators, as they stay focused on their trusted default press room solution: MeasureColor.

During production, MeasureColor automatically stores all measured information in its database. Quality managers can easily analyze those measurements from MeasureColor at their own desk and simply push them to ColorCert by a click of a button:



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