Feature highlight: ChromaTrack

Take the short route to your target color

Measuring color is one thing, changing press settings and adjusting ink zones to obtain the best print result is quite another. Often, getting close to the best match seems to be a matter of trial and error. With MeasureColor’s ChromaTrack there’s no need for that any longer. The software tells you exactly where you are and how to navigate the shortest route to your target color, without the need for additional measurements.
In today’s print production environment efficiency and predictable high-quality output are crucial for a successful business. With the demand for short run print jobs increasing and a growing need for reduction in production cost, the operator’s time for guesswork is very limited.

Matching your target color can mean a lot of tedious work, measurements, comparing and even more measurements, with the possible outcome that you may need to use a different ink altogether. In the process you are wasting time, money and materials and you’re not even sure if you’re going to get the required quality. Since you need to save time and increase productivity, MeasureColor developed a solution that takes away all uncertainty and guesswork as you try to find your way to hitting the right color.

MeasureColor’s ChromaTrack uses a unique algorithm, which calculates any achievable result, taking into account all the characteristics of the inks, the press and the desired output. Chromatrack displays the results of the calculation in a clear graph including the target color, the best possible match and your current state with all possible results in between and beyond.
It also shows you the densities needed, and the tolerances allowed, to get to the optimal result. ChromaTrack is the easiest way to make sure you know what you’re doing. On your screen you will see all relevant information (and nothing but relevant information) you need to get the best output possible.

With ChromaTrack you never again have to guess the shortest route to the right color. Trial and error at the press is a thing of the past and you can produce the best quality much faster. Don’t settle for anything less, or any detours.

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