Measurecolor 18.2 centralizes color communication

 MeasureColor 18.2 is the most efficient, user friendly and versatile release of Colorware’s flagship color management solution ever. With numerous enhancements, MeasureColor 18.2 will improve your workflow, functioning as a color hub in your production environment. MeasureColor Reports will be the center of your quality management, giving you complete control over all your color processes.

Erik Koldenhof – CTO

“MeasureColor 18.2 will take your quality control to the next level,” says Erik Koldenhof, CTO of Colorware, as he explains one of its many new features: support for sphere spectrophotometers. These devices are typically used for measuring color on either reflecting surfaces or textured materials. Conventional measuring devices are not suitable for complex materials such as metal foils or textiles. To ensure accurate color on these materials, a sphere spectrophotometer is the best solution. These devices now work seamlessly with MeasureColor 18.2. The first devices to be supported by MeasureColor 18.2 are the popular X-Rite Ci6x Family of sphere spectrophotometers. Other sphere devices will be supported in future releases of MeasureColor.

Erik Koldenhof: “The support of sphere spectrophotometers is especially interesting for operators who are producing luxury packaging. The demand for comprehensive and efficient quality control in this market is growing intensively. Also, with this new technology MeasureColor Reports gives you a complete overview of all your color performance.”

Support for inline measurement

In the packaging industry, flexographic web presses are commonly equipped with inline color inspection systems for quality control. That’s why we have improved the support for inline spectral devices. Using MeasureColor 18.2 will considerably reduce your makeready times. “Together with BST Eltromat we developed a true efficient workflow for the inline iPQ Spectral system. All color information required for a new production job is now sent directly to iPQ Spectral. The integration of MeasureColor in the production workflow makes preparing and adjusting the press for a new job much easier and less error-prone.”

Efficient storage

Quality control and color measuring generates tons of data. All of this data is stored in a database, which over time can become extremely large. This sometimes requires huge storage capacity. Our developers have been working on a more healthy diet for your database and came up with an intelligent algorithm that stores your spectral curve data safely – and three times more efficient. With the introduction of MeasureColor 18.2, the storage requirements of your database go down by up to 75 percent. The risk of insufficient memory errors is greatly reduced by this new technology.

IPQ Central – BST Eltromat

Color management hub

Under the hood MeasureColor 18.2 has numerous improvements and enhancements, which will make an operator’s life much easier. Support for ISO 18620:2016, the extensible format for the exchange of tone adjustment curves between applications, has been added. This standard simplifies the exchange of CTP curves, which makes your color management much more versatile.
Another enhancement is the ability to select and set a density filter during measurements. By default MeasureColor automatically selects the density filter. However, in some cases – especially in a packaging production environment – the operator wants to be able to overrule this automatic selection. With MeasureColor 18.2 it is now possible to select and set c/m/y or visual.
Erik Koldenhof: “More and more, MeasureColor is becoming a centralized solution for all color management issues in the production environment. With our independent and open approach we are able to connect to every part of the pressroom and the production process. We will continue to develop MeasureColor into a complete integrated solution, aimed at reducing errors and makeready time, making the workflow transparent and the working environment easy to operate. MeasureColor is the central hub for communication about color.”

Measuring a colorbar

Upgrade policy

All MeasureColor registered users who have a valid MeasureColor Software Agreement (MCSA) can upgrade for free. This includes new users who bought MeasureColor between July 5th, 2017 and July 5th, 2018. You can download the new software from your account-page.
If you do not have a Maintenance Agreement for your software and wish to upgrade you can visit our software upgrades page here. You can check and download your latest MeasureColor version from account page on

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