Now available: MeasureColor 17.1!


  • New functionality and increased speed
  • New measuring tools for Opacity
  • Improved PantoneLIVE support.

Colorware’s new release of Measurecolor will greatly benefit many printers because of the improved user interface of the MultiSpot module. The use of job-templates simplifies the job-setup and prevents errors. Selecting the right presets requires no specific knowledge and can be done in a matter of seconds. The improved support of PantoneLIVE tone values increases production speed even further.

Measurecolor 17.1 now also enables measuring opacity without the need for a dedicated measuring device. Colorware CTO Erik Koldenhof: “This is especially useful for the production of flexible packaging. The use of opaque white often adds up to 60 percent of the total cost of ink. Using too much white ink is expensive while using too little results in poor quality. It is important to get it exactly right.” Measuring opacity using a spectrophotometer with Measurecolor 17.1 increases production speed, saves the cost of an extra device and makes production efficient.

Erik Koldenhof: “With Measurecolor 17.1 we have added another milestone in the development of our colormanagment software. This upgrade will help speed up production, make work more efficient and quality more consistent.”

Measurecolor Reports generates positive feedback

Monitoring quality is easier than ever before. The release of Measurecolor Reports has closed the gap between production staff, quality management and brand owners. The ease of use makes Measurecolor Reports the ideal solution for reviewing print quality information in every combination even down to a single available ink.

Positive feedback from users indicates that the support for mobile devices is especially appreciated. Printroom managers can monitor print quality anywhere at any time by simply looking at their smart phone or tablet pc. By keeping track of production, printroom managers can constantly improve print quality and ensure consistency.
The importance of reporting on quality extends beyond the printing environment. Brand owners and print buyers also need to know about status updates and quality consistency. MeasureColor Reports can output a precise and clear report for every user based on their user profile, making sure they only get to see what they need to know.

MeasureColor Reports provides an excellent way to monitor production progress and return on investment. Among many other things, it helps to keep track of the use of measuring devices and production interruptions. MeasureColor Reports gives you a solid basis for strategic decision making or even immediate action.
MeasureColor Reports improves the way packaging and label printers as well as print service providers communicate and cooperate with their clients. The MeasureColor measurement client combined with MeasureColor Reports closes the information gap between printers and brand owners, satisfying everyone’s need for information and quality assurance.

Overview of new features and enhancements in MeasureColor 17.1

  • MultiSpot new job setup structure using job templates/presets
  • MultiSpot new presets can be generated without inks specified
  • MultiSpot enhanced usability for ChromaTrack Best Match
  • ColorDrive module new job setup structure using improved job templates/presets
  • All new job setup structures: Ability to add multiple inks at once
  • PantoneLIVE improved methods to calculate the right tone values
  • PantoneLIVE speed improvements
  • ProcessControl module: Measure opacity for white ink
  • Management module: Improved usability when defining job tolerances, added import/export options
  • Reference Manager: ‘Search by measurement’ results are displayed with delta-Lch for potential matches
  • Installer part for SQL Server installation has improved usability (select options)
  • Installer is now capable of installing SQL Server while reboot is pending

Upgrade policy

All MeasureColor registered users who have a valid MeasureColor Software Agreement (MCSA) can upgrade for free. This includes new users who bought MeasureColor between March 25th, 2016 and March 25th, 2017. You can download the new software from your account-page.

If you do not have a Maintenance Agreement for your software and wish to upgrade you can visit out software upgrades page here.

You can check and download your latest MeasureColor version from account page on