MeasureColor: Added value for Premedia companies

The challenge: monitoring print quality efficiently

In order to meet the quality expectation of their customers, Premedia companies today often face the time consuming task of monitoring print quality at their assigned printers all over the world. In a number of cases it means somebody is traveling to the remote printing location, samples need to be shipped to the premedia company for evaluation, or printers send in Excel sheets via email. Quality managers at the premedia company then translate that information into production reports that they then send to their costumers.

This process is very time consuming and difficult to maintain but these services are of great value to a Premedia company.

The solution: MeasureColor!

With MeasureColor, Colorware’s leading solution to measure print quality in the press room, press operators and quality managers can maintain print quality with ease.
With the new MeasureColor 16.2 features, premedia companies can host their own MeasureColor Server, prepare print jobs and assign them to their remote printers.
The printer only runs a light-weigth MeasureColor Client application which connects over the internet to the server at the Premedia company. MeasureColor will help the printer to get to perfect color in the shortest amount of time. Since the solution is so simple to use, operator training is done using a few short instruction videos.

“MeasureColor takes out the guesswork, no more loss of time.”

MeasureColor Reports: web based print quality reporting engine

The new web-based MeasureColor Reports system now allows premedia companies to deliver tailored quality reports to their customers.

MeasureColor is the perfect solution for premedia companies who need to analyse and report on print quality to their customers: the print buyers and brand owners.

MeasureColor 16.2 includes an easy to use system to assign jobs to printers on remote locations. The printer only needs to implement a simple to use, lightweight client version of MeasureColor to measure and review quality for his print jobs any time, without the need of a full color measurement solution.

At the same time, measured print quality is automatically transferred to the MeasureColor Reports server and print quality can be reviewed anywhere using web browsers. MeasureColor Reports is 100% customizable. Change the look-and-feel (theme) to comply to your company style, assign themes to user accounts, create customized print quality reports, and much more!