Now available: MeasureColor 16.2 packed with new features

Colorware is proud to announce MeasureColor 16.2. Available from November 25th, 2016, this new release is packed with new features and enhancements.
Living up to our vision to promote open standards for print quality communication, MeasureColor 16.2 has a strong focus on data exchange with 3rd party systems. We added official support for XRite’s new eXact XP measurement device and you will find a number of fantastic usability enhancements as well.

Communicate with 3rd party Print Quality Management (PQM) systems

Using MeasureColor means less capital investment and less implementation and training efforts for printers.

Printers have to report on color quality to a growing number of print buyers and brand owners. This often requires a printer to measure colors over and over again with a variety of PQM-solutions, which all need special training, to be able to send quality reports to a customer. But not anymore, with MeasureColor!

We developed a plugin-based sub-system that allows print quality data to be send to 3rd party PQMs. Each MeasureColor print job configures itself automatically to send to the correct external PQM, and only when you approve it.

MeasureColor allows printers and quality managers to send print quality data to a growing list of external Print Quality Management systems, straight from the MeasureColor user interface.

Define color standards and printing conditions with ease

MeasureColor’s new Reference Manager module lets you maintain color targets with more ease than ever before.

CGATS.17 is still a widespread file format to exchange color information between systems. Starting from MeasureColor 16.2 you can also import CGATS.17 files and N-Color ICC profiles with up to 15 colors.

The new ICC engine can identify and handle process and spot colors in the profile, including Extended Color Gamut profiles. Reference Densities and dot gain target can be calculated during import and if available, full spectral curves will be stored in MeasureColor for more flexibility in use.

Our new file importer wizard will guide you through the process of setting up color references to be used in print jobs. It could not be any easier.

GMG and Colorware work closely together to get their flagship products to give our joined

users the best experience possible.




Overview of new features and enhancements

– Reference Manager wizard to create references and printing conditions with ease
– Reference Manager new ICC importer supports N-Color profiles up to 15 colors
– Reference Manager new ICC importer can make use of spectral (cgats) data from profile
– Reference Manager new CGATS.17 file importer
– ProcessControl jobs can now be assigned to remote printers, printers only need light weight MeasureColor client
– ProcessControl module: Added support for various 3rd party Print Quality Management Systems using web services
– ProcessControl module now supports easy data transfer to Phototype PQM
– ProcessControl module Focus patch: let your operators focus on tone values or solids
– Custom reference feature enhancements for ink zones
– Custom reference feature for non-ink zone based jobs
– ProcessControl ink zones graph scaling
– ProcessControl ChromaTrack indicator graph scaling
– AutoJob setup now displays missing reference colors if needed
– Support for XRite eXact XP
– Various smaller enhancements and optimizations for data exchange with MeasureColor Reports

Upgrade policy

All MeasureColor registeed users who have a valid MeasureColor Software Agreement (MCSA) can upgrade for free. This includes new users who bought MeasureColor between November 25th, 2015 and November 25th, 2016. You can download the new software from your account-page.

If you do not have a Maintenance Agreement for your software and wish to upgrade please contact Colorware or your local reseller for pricing.