The next step in color communication

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Easy to use and device independent color management for Print & Packaging Professionals


Color management specialist Erik Koldenhof on stage at the Drupa Innovation Park 2016:

Embrace open standards for print quality communication”


The next step in color communication


Wassenaar (The Netherlands), May 2016 – “If the printing industry really wants to help its clients, we need to move away from proprietary standards in how we measure and communicate color.” Colorware CTO Erik Koldenhof is set to presents his clear vision on color communication at the Drupa Innovation Park (dip) in Düsseldorf on Thursday, June 2 (at 1pm) and Wednesday, June 8 (at 2pm).


Brand owners, printer service providers, designers, quality managers and press operators – everybody is exchanging and using more data than ever to make their workflow more efficient, reliable and predictable. This development leads to an increasing need for better communication throughout the production and supply chain, especially on the subject of printing color.

Color management specialist and Colorware CTO Erik Koldenhof states that this development calls for a new and innovative approach: “Choosing proprietary standards in how we measure printed colors actually limits both brand owners and suppliers in their color communication. Using open standards allows everyone to choose the best solution from any preferred supplier, without ever compromising on color control.”


Device independent quality

At Drupa 2016, Erik Koldenhof will address the importance of open standards and how these are the way forward for the printing and packaging industry to achieve the high level of quality the brand owners have come to expect. The packaging industry and other areas in graphic arts need professional solutions. Color measurement and color communication play a central and vital role in this development, says Erik Koldenhof. “All developments in color management we have seen so far have had a tremendous positive impact on our industry. But competition between solution providers should never stand in the way of helping clients and customers to get the best solution possible. By embracing open color standards, we can ensure that everybody wins.”


Support for open standards

With the growing support for open standards, the market is slowly moving away from proprietary standards. Erik Koldenhof: “The release of version 3.0 of the Color eXchange Format 3.0 (CxF) has given those involved in the supply chain more options to choose the hardware and software they prefer.” CxF contains color definitions and describes the spectral color data of, for example, a spot color or a brand color. This enables the designer or premedia-specialist to communicate its color specifications to the print provider in a standardized and open way.

To ensure printers are able to provide feedback on the printed results in a similar way, Colorware strongly supports the development of the new Print Quality eXchange format: “This new PQX-standard will facilitate the exchange of performance data, allowing brand owners, and all others involved in the supply chain, to assess and track relevant production and quality data.”


Next step: close the loop

Today, printers face the problem of having to buy multiple measurement solutions depending on the preference of their clients, when all they really need is one device. Erik Koldenhof: “My heart goes out to the printer who is forced to measure colors over and over again with several different applications which all need special training. This does not add any value and it can only lead to more problems. At Colorware, we believe in open standards. CxF already allows us to communicate color specifications from design to print production. The next step is to close the loop and supply print buyers with print quality data via open standards as well.”