MeasureColor 16.1 available!

Colorware is proud to announce the release of MeasureColor 16.1, the leading color quality solution for print & packaging professionals. MeasureColor 16 is probably our biggest upgrade ever with many new features that have been requested by our customers over the last year.

2016 Is also the year where we gradually change the ‘PressView’ product name to ‘MeasureColor’ world wide. The last ten years we have been using two names for the same product: ‘PressView’ in Europe and Asia, ‘MeasureColor’ in North America.

It has been our long time wish to use one name world wide and finally that wish comes true! It means that your software will launch as MeasureColor from now on but keep in mind that PressView and MeasureColor have always been the exact same software. Besides the new name, nothing will change for you.

16.1 UserProfiles
16.1 UserProfiles

New features at a glance
The new UserProfiles function allow you to tweak system functionality based on user’s experience and knowledge level. A complete new job setup procedure with simple, standard and advanced workflows help to create jobs more quickly then ever before. The flexible MIS based job setup completely automates job creation in production environments.

A new Spot color tool allows ad-hoc color analysis where users can quickly compare a measured or previously stored reference to a measured sample.

MeasureColor 16 includes a new module designed for operators in flexible packaging to improve make ready times and reduce waste (separate license).

Users can now export color measurements for Ink Formulation software and have their inks corrected if needed.

MeasureColor 16 is compatible with SQL Server 2008-2014 and is Windows 10 compatible.


16.1 New job setup
16.1 SpotColor Tool
16.1 SpotColor Tool
16.1 Reference manager
16.1 Reference manager

Upgrade via MeasureColor Software Assurance (MCSA)
Users who purchased the MCSA (Software Assurance) can upgrade to MeasureColor 16 for free. Please note that MeasureColor always come with 1 year MCSA included, so if you recently purchased MeasureColor 15, you are already covered for this upgrade! Please contact us for upgrade prices from older versions.

All new features and enhancements for MeasureColor 16.1
* UserProfiles: tune software functions for specific use cases (typical operator, advanced quality manager, etc.)
* Complete new job setup procedures with simple, standard and advanced workflows. Selected via UserProfiles
* Flexibles module: new measurement module focused on operators in flexible packaging (included in MeasureColor Pack)
* Export color measurements to Ink Formulation software for quick ink corrections (included in MeasureColor Pack)
* New Reference Manager module to manage all color references and printing conditions with ease
* Save a measurement as new color reference (color book) from ProcessControl module
* New SpotColor Tool for quick, ad-hoc color analysis. Quickly compare against measurement or stored reference.
* Improved flexibility for automated, MIS based job setup
* Job lists now show last production jobs for quick production analysis
* Check and correct job setup errors before saving a job
* Advanced login options allows choice of measurement devices to load during startup
* Import, export and duplicate color bars straight from Colorbar Editor module
* Windows 10 compatible
* Improved installers check and download proper SQL server version upon installation
* Many smaller usability improvements

PressView/MeasureColor 15 users can login to their user account on and download the latest version available.