2016: The PressView product name changes to MeasureColor!


In the USA, our PressView software is known under the name ‘MeasureColor’. Since the introduction early 2009 MeasureColor has quickly become one of the leading color quality solutions for the US packaging market. MeasureColor’s great success in the USA spread out all over the world which sometimes lead to confusion among (new) customers world wide. That is why we have chosen to say goodbye to the PressView product name and use MeasureColor starting from January 2016!

Does this change anything for you?
Nothing much on the technical side for now. Existing PressView customers will remain using their PressView product and software updates will still be published for PressView and MeasureColor at the same time (this is what we always did anyway). At some point in time, we will adapt the installer scripts so that PressView is updated to MeasureColor automatically. We will inform you when that is about to happen. New product installs though will be MeasureColor installations, starting from January 1st, 2016. And remember, it is just a name change, nothing changes in the software itself.