PressView version 15.1 now available!

Colorware has released a new version of PressView: 15.1!

The development team has been working on several new features and countless small performance improvements making your print quality control easier, faster and more consistent. Beside that, you can install PressView with just a few mouseclicks thanks to our completely redesigned installer. Curious about all added features? They’re listed below!

Most important new features of PressView 15.1

  • Easy to understand License System
  • Simplified installation, new installer covers everything
  • Automatic configuration
  • Seamless PantoneLIVE integration
  • Supports the NEW x-Rite eXact for Spot, Scan and BlueTooth
  • Improved Techkon device connections
  • Expanded filter techniques to find jobs and measurements instant
  • Countless small performance improvements

How to start with PressView 15.1?

If you’re new to PressView it’s always possible to get a free demo key.
This key makes it possible to use PressView for 30 days to find out if it suits your wishes.
Interested? Please contact our sales team using the contact form or send an email to

How to upgrade to PressView 15.1?

Because PressView 15.1 uses a completely new license system upgrading to 15.1 requires a new license key.
If you want to upgrade your current PressView version to 15.1 you can contact your local reseller or our sales team to upgrade your PressView version at no charge.
Please visit the “Guide for existing users” on our support website for a complete walkthrough of this process.