Egisa Printing Company says

Carlos Labori – CEO of Egisa Packaging Company in Spain says:

“The PressView Software finally allows us to manage color easily and systematically.”


EGISA is an actor in the world of beauty and lux in the packaging sector since 50 years. The objective is: create high value folding-boxes!

Since 2013 the Egisa professionals work with PressView in combination with Rutherford Closed Loop control. And now they can be sure that wherever a print job is printed, the color will be optimal. Moreover, as all data is stored on the PressView server-database, they have total control over all colors across the entire company – from any location. With this system Egisa increased their quality control, improved their production times, and enhanced their colormanagement.

Thanks to PressView, Egisa has access to the measured data through reports via the internal network. And that’s a revolution for the quality department. They can accommodate any request about the color quality in seconds, and see in real time if the print is good and the presses are stable.


Egisa is an international company that designs and creates folding-boxes in offset or serigraphy since 1964. From pre-press to final product, each process is controled and checked in order to obtain the best quality. Over the years, Egisa has invested in the best technology. And now including the PressView Color management software.