PressView 4 upgrade information

NEW Spot Color scatter view in PressView 4
21 January 2013

It is a pleasure to inform you that the new PressView 4 is now ready for shipment worldwide. Please take this opportunity to install PressView 4 on your computer and get to know the product.

You might also want to check the new QuickStart manuals that are installed with the client software as well. You can find the QuickStart manuals  in our technical documentation. The QuickStart manuals contain information on the most used or new features in PressView 4 and will get you going in minutes.


Most important new features
  • Windows ASP.NET server and MSSQL database
  • Simplified installation and configuration procedure
  • Installs and configures for Microsoft IIS or UltiDev webserver automatically
  • Native CTP export curves
  • Import existing CTP curves for fine tuning
  • Printability test module
  • Web based Management system
  • Interface improvements for all modules
  • Improved dot gain view, now showing all colors together
  • New CTP view, ability to import existing curves
  • Improved workflow in Color Library Manager (also includes averaging)
  • New filter technique to find jobs and measurements instantly (works great with bar code and/or QR code scanners!)
  • Added logical keyboard shortcuts
  • Support barcode/QR-code based job and measurement identification
  • Support for XRite Spectro Eye
  • Bug fixes


Typical system requirements and installation 

Please read the typical system requirements for PressView 4 and our installation instructions for PressView 4. Note for Techkon users: the Techkon device drivers and Techkon device service are to be installed via a separate installer which is also available from the download section on our web site.


Activation Key

PressView 4 needs a new license activation key. If you want to upgrade, please order via email and include your present PressView configuration (#seats, floating or non-floating) and your present activation number or serial number. We will return a new activation key as soon as possible. This procedure is also necessary for demo-users, NFR users and customers with a Maintenance Contract.


Migration from PressView 3 to PressView 4

It is possible to migrate all data from PressView 3 to PressView 4. Please use our data migration tool, which will be available with the PressView 4 installation. Please read our instructions on migration first. You can contact our support department at if you have any technical questions.


You can find the latest downloads here:

Please inform us if you need more information. With kind regards,
The Colorware Team

Colorware bv, the Netherlands