PressView 4 available soon

Wassenaar (The Netherlands), September 2012

The Colorware developing team is working hard to get the new PressView release ready for all our customers soon.
We expect to be ready in November 2012!

Main changes and improvements:
  • Windows server – The PressView 4 server is now based on Windows. This server replaces the Linux based server and makes the application fast and the installation of PressView more than easy.
  • Curve-on-curve – With PressView 4 you now can optimize your CTP curves during production. You don’t have to start from scratch with lineair plates– just take the present curve, measure a test sheet and you will be able to optimize your current press condition in a minimum of time!
  • Printability Test – PressView 4 will have a completely NEW Printability Test for checking the best Density (lowest deltaE) of your paper-ink-press combination. The press operator can now quickly see how good he is printing or how good he could be printing given a specific press-ink-paper combination: to optimize the density value per color.
  • X-Rite SpectroEye support – The new PressView 4 software now also supports the X-Rite Spectro-Eye measurement device
  • New CTP Exports – Now you can auto-export CTP curve information to GMG ColorServer / Tru(e)Flow, Harmony and Apogee CTP RIP systems
  • Management Module – New web browser based Management Module and web browser based Tanslation Module for all default PressView settings, including language generation and setting.
  • More – and many more interesting improvements

More information about this new release will be published soon.