PressView Printability Test Suite

Wassenaar (The Netherlands), February 2012

Printers need to always be in control of color, and print according to quality standards like ISO 12647 or GRACol. But how do you automatically achieve the best result possible, when every ink and substrate combination is different? ColorWare takes the guesswork out of color control, by launching the PressView Printability Test Suite at Drupa 2012.

Analyze before you print

Launching its new and improved Printability Test Suite in PressView at Drupa 2012, ColorWare now enables printers to make a complete print analysis before the final print production. This will take all the guesswork out of color quality, as the unique PressView Printability Test analyzes the exact color behavior for any given ink and substrate combination, for all print processes. It only takes a few minutes to measure the data, to analyze the status of a specific ink/paper/press combination and to clearly present the optimum tolerance level of this combination.

Always optimized

The PressView Printability Test will calculate the closest color match and density. It determines the optimum density value and density bandwidth of any specific ink/substrate combination, thus predicting the exact color performance of the ink-of-choice on the selected substrate. This will enable printers to determine the optimum ink layer thickness to print according to the specified quality standard, in wet or dried ink conditions. PressView uses this information to optimize print quality automatically, even in combination with closed loop color control systems.


Remove the guesswork – predict color quality !