X-Rite ITX Color bar trouble shooting

Device Color bar requirements according to the manufacturer

  • At least 1 mm of paper should surround the Color bar
  • The image should not extend beyond the Color bar
  • Patch width and height should be set correctly and precisely, 0.1 mm deviation is already enough to shift patches along the bar
  • Color bars should have a solid patch for each ink for each ink zone
  • Color bars should have at least one substrate/paperwhite patch
  • The Colorbar should be imaged to align with the centre of the press sheet so the same number of patches will be falling off to the left and the right if a smaller sheet than the maximum press sheet size is printed.

MeasureColor ITX tips and tricks

  • For sake of correct recognition, reverse the patch sequence of one ink zone somewhere close to the centre of the bar. If a Color bar contains equal repeats only, the recognition might be erroneous.
  • For Spot colors preferably use References with spectral information
  • When only one or two colors are used in the Color bar, recognition might improve by setting a local config switch: Options.ProcessControl.ColorbarRecognition.SkipUndefined | value=1
  • After changing a Color bar from the Color bar editor, do not forget to save. The new settings are available after reloading the job.

Symptoms and possible solutions

Only one ink zone is scanned

  • Check if the number of rows is set to 1 in the Color bar definition. For ITX, the rows parameter should be 1 always.
  • Edit and save the Color bar definition to 1 row.
  • Reload the job before testing

Color bar scans fine, but in MeasureColor patches are recorded twice or skipped, and parts of the bar get shifted

  • Patch width is set too narrow or too wide, ITX head chops the patches erroneously
  • Measure the patch width by measuring the full bar with a ruler, and divide by the number of patches
  • Edit and save the Color bar definition with the new value for patch width
  • Reload the job before testing

Color bar scans fine, but the patch sequence is reversed

  • Change the trailing/leading setting in the device options dialog

ITX does not recognise the printed Color bar, no color bar found

  • ITX head is looking for a bar with a certain height, but the printed bar is another height
  • Check whether the correct MeasureColor Color bar definition has been selected
  • Check if the Color bar height is set correctly in the Color bar definition
  • Check if the image does not extend beyond the Color bar, recognition will fail

ITX complains about an invalid sheet length

  • move the printed sheet closer to the dock