X-Rite eXact AutoScan info

We advise reading the AutoScan manual before unpacking and setting up the X-Rite AutoScan.In this short article, we will concentrate on setting up, calibrating and using the X-Rite AutoScan.

Check whether or not your MeasureColor workstation is set up for the X-Rite AutoScan

From the login screen click the 'Advanced options' in the lower-left corner and make settings to the Active measurement devices list:

In case that the 'X-Rite eXact AutoScan' is present, enable it and be sure to disable the 'X-Rite eXact', as only one can be used at the same time.

In case the Autoscan is not in the list, please remove the MeasureColor client from the Windows ('Add or remove programs' dialog “MeasureColor Client”) and re-install the client with the X-Rite AutoScan enabled (adding_a_client_workstation_to_a_measurecolor_17.2.xx_and_later_server)

Connecting the device:

  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for unpacking and setting up the device
  • Connect the track with the USB cable to the MeasureColor workstation
  • Pair the eXact over Bluetooth as per the manufacturer's instructions to the MeasureColor workstation


  • If the device needs calibration, remove it from the track and place it over the substrate, follow the instructions on the device itself
  • When calibration is done, put the device back on the track in the docking position


  • Scan measurements can be started by pressing the button in MeasureColor (after loading a job)or using the yellow button on the device.
  • Spot measurements can be made by removing the device from the track and measure as usual. Don't forget to put the device back in its docking position for charging the battery.