XRite 500 series serial communication settings

This manual is intended for users who need to connect their serial device (XRite 500 series) to MeasureColor.

On newer computers that do not have a serial port available by default, use a USB-Serial adapter like the Digitus or the Keyspan USA-19HS.

Below is a list of settings that should work out-of-the-box:

Microsoft Windows settings

(Control panel → Device Manager → COM ports):

USB-Serial adapter COM4
Baud rate 57600
Data bits 8
Parity None
Stop bits 1
Flow control Xon/Xoff

On the 500 series:

Language English
Baud rate 9600 or higher
Hand shake off
Auto XMT On-with Status
Separator Comma
Delimeter CRLF
Protocol RCI
Emulation Normal