User profiles (15.3 and later)

From version 15.3 and later the User profile section of the System management module enables administers to setup user groups and customize the MeasureColor environment for the users in that group. The user profiles linked to these groups define what modules they can use and what actions they can take amongst other things.

You can think of a group like 'operators' or 'managers', each with their own setup tailored to their skills and needs, but you are free in how you configure these groups.

You can access the users and groups settings from the System management module.

Group settings

  • Choose an appropriate name for your group and a short description if you want
  • The 'is Admin?'-check determines whether or not this is an administrator group, with the rights accompanying that. Only users from a administrator group will be able to add and change user profiles and groups

Application settings

  • Here you can select a module to fire-up directly when starting MeasureColor, bypassing the home screen. This can be convenient if a user works with the same module most of the time. The user can still access the home screen at any time.

Module settings

  • Here you can enable/disable all modules independently to suit your group's profile
  • You can only enable the modules that were included in your license/seat
  • Custom modules: Do not use unless Colorware provided you with the correct key/value pairs

Module options

  • Here you can enable and disable functions within the modules for this user group.
  • Depending on their role within your organisation not everyone will need all functions.
  • Functions like deleting or exporting printing conditions or color references you might not want to be accessible to everyone.
  • In the help section you'll find excellent starting points for user profiles!
  • Please note that the 'Color references' in this section refers to Color books and not to individual colors or patches

Job setup workflow

  • From MeasureColor 15.3 and later you can choose one of three workflow options for this user group.
  • Which workflow options are available depends on the seat level.
  • If you are not aware of the differences at this point please read more about the Job Setup here: version 15.3 and later.

Custom options

  • Do not use unless Colorware provided you with the appropriate data.

User settings

  • Here you can set rights to the users within this group
  • Do not alter the custom settings unless Colorware provided you with the appropriate data


On top of the page you find a bar looking like this:

When you hover above it a small menu will unfold which lets you select a preset, import an existing user profile or directly copy a user profile from another group directly.

You are advised to start with one of the presets (always start with the admin) to speed up your setup and walk through them to make adjustments.


In the user section of the Management Module you can assign every user to a user group after which all group settings apply to them. Of course all other user-related data can be changed here.