Upgrade from MeasureColor 4 to MeasureColor 15..17.x for multi seat installations

Step 1: Request a NEW MeasureColor license

Because of the new license system we need your current (old) license serial number. Where can you find your license serial number:

  • Open the License Info Application on your computer.
  • In the Window, below the Product Name, a Serial Number is shown (3-4 digits).
  • Please add your name, company details and serial number and send the email to your reseller or sales@colorware.eu.

You will receive a reply containing the following, this can take up to 24 hours:

  • A new Colorware license voucher
  • A MeasureColor download link inside your voucher

Your old MeasureColor 4 license will be disabled within 4 weeks’ time

Step 2: Preparation upgrade to MeasureColor 15..17.x

  • Any upgrade needs both the server and the client(s) to be updated at the same time
  • Make sure server and client computers are up to date – please Install all available Windows updates
  • Check the system requirements here: system requirements
  • Create a backup of your database on the server computer (using installed SQL Management Studio on the server computer or 3rd party solution). More information on how to make SQL backups can be found here: database backup
  • Users can continue to measure during the backup process if needed.
  • Your server and client computer need an internet connection during license activation. If you don’t have internet connection please contact Colorware
  • Plan a date and time to do the upgrade – an upgrade may take 30 – 60 minutes for a normal 5-seat installation
  • A click on the download link in your license voucher will bring you to your software download page on the Colorware.eu website
  • Download the MeasureColor Installer on both server and client computers

Step 3: Install MeasureColor

  • At moment of upgrade, instruct all client computers to quit the application until the server and the client-computer have been upgraded
  • Launch the installer and choose the type of installation you need for the specific computer. (Server, Client or Both on the same system)
  • Follow the steps during installation to finish the installation process – this may take 5-10 minutes on a server or 5 minutes on a client computer

All MeasureColor 4 data will be migrated into the new MeasureColor.

Step 4: Activate your license on the server computer

Or, if you are on your server, navigate to http://localhost:3000/
This will open the Management Module and you will see a warning about a missing license.

  • Log in to the Management Module and follow the links to the license pages (Menu: System: License)
  • Activate your new MeasureColor license by clicking on ‘I want to register a new account’
  • Follow the on-screen instructions – create a new account or login at your existing account on my.colorware.eu and activate your license key

MeasureColor is now ready for use!

Step 5: Launch MeasureColor on the client computer

  • Launch MeasureColor on your client computer. If the Server’s IP address has not changed (default) you can launch the client directly.
  • The client computer will consult the server for a valid license
  • If the Server’s IP address has changed, please enter new server IP address under the Advanced Login options on the MeasureColor client software.