Update SQL Server

There are several reasons to update your SQL server when required:

  • Microsoft has an end-of-life date for each version, after that date no (security) updates will be available
  • MeasureColor versions 22.2 and later require SQL 2016 or later before updating the software

SQL in a stack

When you are using a commercial license, please check with your System admin or service provider what SQL version is in use for Colorware MeasureColor, and update if needed

Updating a local SQLEXPRESS

When MeasureColor was set up with the free SQLEXPRESS from the MeasureColor installer, take these steps to update the SQLEXPRESS Colorware instance:

  1. Create a backup from your MeasureColor database.
  2. Goto https://www.microsoft.com/nl-nl/sql-server/sql-server-downloads en download SQL express (you may have to scroll down to find it) and run it by double-click
  3. Next step select “Download media” The installer will download now
  4. Select Express Core (see screenshot) and press [download]
  5. Run the installer and select ‘Upgrade from a previous version of SQL Server to SQLServer ….’
  6. In the ‘Select Instance’ page select the correct instance. Normally this will be‘COLORWARE’, if no COLORWARE instance is present look for the instance with the colorware database
  7. The wizard will now update the COLORWARE instance to the downloaded SQL SERVER EXPRESS version