From version 18.1 and higher, MeasureColor supports the use of individual tolerances per ink. Now, tolerances can be set in 3 locations:

Setting Location Selectable
Tolerance set System management → Conditions → Tolerance sets Process/Spot
Color book Menu → Reference manager For each ink
Job Menu → Process control / Flexibles /MultiSpot / Image For each ink

Note: When no individual tolerance has been set for inks, the settings from the Tolerance set prevail.
The job settings overrides all other Tolerance settings for that ink.

Setting ink tolerances in the Color book

You can set a tolerance for Solids in your Color books that overrides the Tolerance set value. After that, that ink will have this Tolerance as a default for new jobs and presets. Both the job set-up and the preset can override this setting.

  1. Allow changes to existing values _> [YES]
  2. Set the Solid ink Tolerance you want
  3. Save the Color book

Setting ink tolerances in the Job

Users in either the standard or advanced workflow can set a Tolerance for an ink in the ink setup screen:

The ink setup overview will show what Tolerance will be set for that job.