System management module

As an administrator of the MeasureColor system, you are able to set the rights for all other users. In order to be able to manage this as well, MeasureColor provides in a ‘User groups’ centre. Start by making the preferred user groups, like ‘Demo’, ‘Admin’ or ‘Regular’. Every new user has to be part of a user group. From version 15.3 and later user profiles are assigned to groups. More information on user profiles can be found here: User Profiles (15.3 and later)

This module is meant to organize the MeasureColor system locally. Of course a remote administrator can make use of the web client for configuring the system. If MeasureColor is part of a network connected to the internet, a remote administrator only has to know the IP-address of the MeasureColor server(s), and a valid login. Using this module, various presets can be exported en transferred to other MeasureColor systems.

This module contains all required elements for managing the system. Adding, deleting and editing various key-parts of the system, makes sure that all the necessary information is available. After clicking on the module icon, a web client will start with a login screen.


Login with personal credentials (if already set), or use ‘colorware/colorware’ to gain access to the Management module main screen. This page explains the options to give you a clear direction. Go to the header bar to make your choice.

Generic dialog usage

Most dialogs in the Management Module are created in a similar fashion:

  1. What list you are viewing
  2. Actual page and number of pages
  3. Page number
  4. Page navigation
  5. Add a new item
  6. Edit an existing item
  7. Remove an item

Most of the menu choices are self-explanatory dialogs that list items that can be added, edited and removed.

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