Database warning settings

All important data in MeasureColor such as References, Presets, Jobs, Measurement conditions, Measurements are stored in a Microsoft SQL database. From version 17.2.xx and later MeasureColor warns you for low HDD space or exceeding the SQL EXPRESS limits (if applicable) on login.

Important note:

Colorware holds no responsibility for database integrity, security, maintenance, backup and restore procedures. It is advised that a trained system engineer monitors and manages your system at all times.

The disk usage warning only detects the disk space at the server's C-drive

Starting point

The warnings are configurable to your situation but we wanted to give you a sensible starting point:

Setting General advice
Throw HDD warning upon login when the drive is reaching its maximum capacity Enable at all times
Throw a warning when HDD has less than this percentage available 5..20 %
Throw warning upon login when reaching the limit of SQL EXPRESS enable when you use the default SQL license*
*By default, we install Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express. SQLServer comes in different flavours to meet demands for different types of customers. The Express version has a database limit of 10GB (GigaByte) while commercial licenses of the database server support a nearly unlimited storage capacity of 524PB (PetaBytes). More information on Microsoft SQL Server versions can be read here: Background information on database growth


Warning when the HDD space is set to 20% and the disk is almost full Warning when SQL EXPRESS is near its data limit

Counter actions

  • When the Server disk space warning is thrown consider expanding the available disk space or deleting unused files if possible.
  • When the database space warning is thrown delete old jobs or (if you use the same job for a prolonged time) delete old measurements. Read more about doing that the easy way here: Database cleanup