Proof certification module

Even though parts of the (digital) print market are trying to work without hard proofs, the bigger part still is. Because of this, MeasureColor contains a special module for checking your proof.

Thinking outside the box brings us to maybe managing office environments with a strong need for color accurate reproduction on internal printers. It can be used to verify the accuracy of the printers themselves, for instance.

Most proofs provide a Media wedge, just like the demo job PV01. View the measurement or make one if you have a media wedge v3 at your disposal. Of course you can also start this module by building your own color bar.

When you want to check whether or not your proofer is printing proofs within small tolerances of your press process you might want to use an ICC profile of that press or use a known standard like ISO or GRACoL that your process is compliant with as a reference.

Results view

The view below is the default view for proof certification jobs. We think this view offers the most ‘at a glance’ information to stay most effective. Of course you can use the other view modes to select the mode that suits your needs.

The Gamut view works just like earlier explained, all the patches are clickable for further examination (not displayed in this manual). Click and hold the Import button to import measurement information from various other measuring applications.