MYIRO setup and trouble shooting

MYIRO is available from MeasureColor version 20.3.xx and later.

Please read the MYIRO manual before connecting to a MeasureColor client workstation. MYIRO software is required to connect the MYIRO using wifi.

Wifi or USB

  • Although it is possible to connect the MYIRO to a MeasureColor client over wifi, please note that they will be paired in such a way that ONE MYIRO only connects to ONE MeasureColor client.
  • If the MYIRO is to be shared on more than one workstation it is recommended to use USB connections only. It is not recommended to mix connection methods.

Using the MYIRO with the USB cord

  • Make sure that the MYIRO is enabled in the Advanced options screen. You can access this screen from the Measurecolor client login dialog. (see screenshot below)
  • Power on the MYIRO
  • After a few seconds check in the 'devices' dialog to connect and calibrate the device

Connecting to the MYIRO using network / wifi

NOTE: Connect only one MYIRO to only one MeasureColor client.

  • First connect the MYIRO using USB. This will register the device's serial in the MeasureColor client. MeasureColor won't connect to a MYIRO over wifi unless the serial is registered using the USB connection.
  • With the MeasureColor client closed, use the MYIRO software to connect the MYIRO to a network shared with your MeasureColor client.
  • Close the MYIRO software.
  • Remove the USB, power off the MYIRO and log out the MeasureColor user. Now power on the MYIRO and log in to the MeasureColor client again.
  • After logging in and a successful connection the wifi indicator on the MYIRO should change color from amber to blue.

Trouble shooting

  • When it is not possible to connect over wifi, first check if the wifi indicator on the MYIRO is already blue before logging in, this indicates another workstion or application is already using the wifi connection.

More information on scanning Color bars with the MYIRO can be found here: konica_myiro_scan_measurement