MIS/ERP based Job setup

When using MeasureColor in a process environment, operators want to generate their MeasureColor ProcessControl jobs as quickly as possible. MeasureColor users can automate the job creation process by making use of existing information from external Print MIS/ERP systems.

MeasureColor's flexible integration for automatic MIS/ERP based job setup

  • If all information is available, MeasureColor ProcessControl jobs are generated automatically
  • If not all information is available from the MIS/ERP, the system sets up as much as possible, asking the operator to just fill in the blanks.

MeasureColor reads job data from XML-based job descriptions. Whenever the operator types in a job number or scans the job jacket with a bar code scanner (TIP!) the proper job information is automatically loaded into MeasureColor.

Enabling MIS/ERP based job setup

In order to make use of the MIS/ERP based job setup, you have to enable it from the Management Module.

Login to the web-based Management Module and select Menu:

Setting Function
Enable automated job setup Enables/disables the function for all client computers that are connected to this server
Move files after import If selected, the XML job files are moved to the 'Processed' folder when the job is created
Input path Hot folder for incoming XML job files
Processed path Job XMLs will be moved here after a successful job setup and the 'move files' option was set
Failed path Job XMLs will be moved here if the XML could not be read and 'move files' was set

XML setup guide and examples:

The following characters are reserved in XML and should be escaped in any values when editing manually (all software that exports XML should do that automatically).

Desired character Replace with
' '
< &lt;
> &gt;
& &amp;

Examples of XML job files: