Migrate your MeasureColor3 database to version 4

This QuickStart document describes how to migrate your existing database from MeasureColor 3 (MySQL) to MeasureColor 4 (MSSQL)

Background information

Many of our users will be moving from their installed version 3 to the latest version 4 of MeasureColor. One of the biggest changes for MeasureColor 4 is the server and the new database structure. In MeasureColor 3 we used MySQL as database engine which was running on a (virtual) Linux driven server. For MeasureColor 4, we moved the server platform from Linux to a plain Microsoft Windows environment so you don’t need to host the Virtual machine for the server anymore. We also switched the database engine from MySQL to MicroSoft SQL Server (MSSQL) because of it’s speed and management capabilities (SQL Server Management Studio).

Because of that, you will have to move your database from MySQL to MSSQL but that should be an fairly easy task as we have written a small utility for you to do the migration. This utility connects to your MeasureColor 3 database, reads all data and transfers them to the new MeasureColor 4 database.
Please note that depending on the database size and speed of your computer, the migration task could take some time (hours on bigger databases).


When you are upgrading your current installation of MeasureColor 3 to version 4, it is important to follow these steps:

  • Download and install version 4.0.60 FIRST
  • Migrate your database using the Colorware Data Transfer Tool as described in this document
  • Download and install the latest (update) installer of MeasureColor 4 and update to 4.0.60 to the latest version

What you need:

  • MeasureColor 3, client and server, any license level
  • MeasureColor 4, client and server, any license level
  • Colorware DataTransfer utility (found in the MeasureColor 4 OtherServer Data TransferColorwareDataTransfer.exe)

Preparations for MeasureColor 3:

  • Download the latest installers for MeasureColor 3 and the latest server update package from our website (colorware.eu)
  • Update your MeasureColor 3 to the latest version ( or higher)
  • IMPORTANT: update your MeasureColor 3 Server tot the latest version (32)! Visit the support section of our web site for more information on how to upgrade your MeasureColor 3 server
  • Launch the server so that it is active and reachable over the network

Planning your migration

During the migration process, no MeasureColor clients should connect to the databases. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your upgrade carefully so that production is not disturbed too much, specially in closed loop situation.

Migrating your MeasureColor 3 to MeasureColor 4 database:

  • Open the ‘ColorwareDataTransfer’ tool
  • Provide IP adress and login credentials for your MeasureColor 3 server (the Linux Virtual machine)
  • Use ‘colorware’ for the username
  • Use ‘colorware’ for the password field
  • Use ‘colorware’ for the database name
  • The connection string should point to your (new) instance of MSSQL Server and database. On a fresh MeasureColor 4 installation, the connection string is: “Data Source=.COLORWARE;Database=Colorware; Trusted_Connection=True”
  • To start the migration process, click on ‘Start’
  • The migration time depends heavely on database size and computer speed and might even take hours to complete
  • When the data is succesfully transfered, the background of the utility becomes Green. Everything is Done!
  • Launch MeasureColor 4 and login to the new server. Your jobs and measurements should be there!