Public MeasureColor API

The purpose of this API is to help with making Auto Job Setup XML’s for MeasureColor


  • Available from MeasureColor versions 24.2 and later
  • Can only retrieve certain data


From the System management module, select System → MeasureColor API
A list of API keys appears (this might be empty until you add one). Click the green [Add item] button.

  1. You can give the API key for easy reference
  2. The generated API key. This will be required to make API calls.
  3. You can activate or deactivate a API key
  4. Save your new (or edited) entry

You can add several API keys.

API Documentation

What data can be retrieved?
Item Name ID
Brands Y Y
Categories Y Y
Color bars Y Y
Color books Y Y
Ink sets Y Y
Machines Y Y
Measurement conditions Y Y
PreMedia Companies Y Y
Printing conditions Y Y
Printing processes Y Y
Solids Y Y
Substrates Y Y
Substrate classes Y Y
Tolerance sets Y Y
Presets Y Y

You can retrieve more data for a specific tolerance set or measurement condition—for example, the observer and illuminant.

The ColorTargets call returns all printing conditions, with their substrates and colorbooks. The colorbook have all their color targets

API Calls

  • Calls are not case-sensitive.
  • Every call requires a valid API key.
  • Every call starts with http://localhost:3000/API/MeasureColor/, when accessing from another machine please replace localhost with the correct IP-address
  • After that, you use the data you want to retrieve
  • To use the API key in the call add: ?apiKey=54ebbb4b-a516-400a-a0bf-b884d6ee13fb (after this example it will be replaced by {apiKey})
  • The { } indicates required.

API call example (Colorbooks)

  • http://localhost:3000/API/MeasureColor/Colorbooks
  • This should get you to http://localhost:3000/API/Public/Colorbooks?apiKey=54ebbb4b-a516-400a-a0bf-b884d6ee13fb.
  • Let’s say you want a color book for a specific printing condition. To add a second value to this call you add: &printingConditionId=8. If it is possible to retrieve more specific data this will be noted by adding [ ] with example values.
  • http://localhost:3000/API/MeasureColor/Colorbooks?apiKey=54ebbb4b-a516-400a-a0bf-b884d6ee13fb&printingConditionId=8 This will result in all the color book names and id to return to you in a JSON format.

API calls

Retrieving all color targets

Retrieving printing conditions

Retrieving color books [for a specific Printing condition]

Retrieving substrates for a specific Printing condition

Retrieving Colorbook inks for a specific Colorbook

Retrieving Colorbook inks for a specific Colorbook as a CxF/3
This call accepts a list of numbers to find the solids. Use a comma to separate the numbers.
This returns a string in CxF/3 format.

Retrieving Machines

Retrieving Ink sets

Retrieving Measurement conditions

Retrieving info about a specific Measurement condition

Retrieving Tolerance sets

Retrieving specific information about a Tolerance set

Retrieving Color bars

Retrieving Brands

Retrieving categories from a specific Brand

Retrieving PreMedia companies

Retrieving Printing processes

Retrieving Substrate classes

Retrieving Presets