Job setup and job presets (versions up to 15.2)


MeasureColor is one of the most flexible systems in the market today for measuring spectral color. When you measure and calculate with spectral data, you have to make sure you are using the proper settings for comparison like reference, substrate and ink.


But there is more: Because we measure color spectral and according to various standards, measurement conditions and tolerance settings should be set correctly as well. Actually, one might say that the following variables should be set when measuring color:

  • Color reference
  • Substrate
  • Ink set
  • Tolerance set
  • Measurement conditions
  • Default production densities
  • Spot color book and spot colors (optional)

And because we measure color bars by default we need to determine the following as well:

  • Color bar
  • Color bar mapping

While this seems like a long list, most settings will remain unchanged, especially when you are measuring jobs in production. In that case, one might only change the reference (paper type) and substrate and leave the rest untouched.

Job setup and Job presets

In MeasureColor, measurements are stored in jobs and each job contains it’s own specific settings for color reference, substrate, tolerances, etc. These settings are chosen when a user creates a new job.

To make life easier, we have created so-called ‘job presets’, grouped settings that can reflect a typical job setup like ‘Coated paper on coated stock printed according to ISO 12647-2’. Users can create these job presets and use them as base setups for their new jobs.

How to create a job and use job presets for efficiency:

  • Create a new job, fill out standard job info like client, job number, job name and description
  • Choose the machine the job is printed on, this will also update the job preset list with saved presets for that specific machine
  • Choose a ready-made preset as starting point and click ‘Customize settings…’ or click ‘Create new…’ if none exist
  • Determine the proper settings for your typical job, continue on all job settings screens
  • On the last screen, select ‘Save as Preset’ and provide a name for the new preset if you want to save these settings for later

That’s it! This preset can be chosen on this machine straight from the pull-down menu on the ‘Create new job’ window.