Installing MeasureColor Reports from the Windows Start menu

From MeasureColor 18.2 and later a Reports installer is included in the MeasureColor server. These steps describe how to install the reports server on a server already running the MeasureColor server application.

Note: To use MeasureColor reports you need a separate software voucher for the MeasureColor Reports product, please check with your local reseller.

Find the installer in the Windows start menu and start it with a click.

Press next to let the installer check and install prerequisites

Press next to install in the selected folder

Press next to select port 3200 as the MeasureColor Reports port

Press next to do a standard installation

Wait some time until your browser open and connects to the Reports server

Click on the blue 'let's get started' button

Fill in the 'Create systemadmin account' form

Log in with your newly created credentials

Click on 'Existing account' to claim your MeasureColor Reports license

Claim your license

Please note you should use your email and password, not the credentials you've just made

After claiming your license go to DATA -> MeasureColor in the side menu

Access reports from the MeasureColor client

After installing Reports, your Reports can be accessed from the MeasureColor measuring client, using the MeasureColor Reports button. This will open your browser and connect to the Reports server.