install walkthrough for new users

Purchase or request a license key

Purchase or request a MeasureColor (demo) seat license at your reseller or by sending an email to
You will receive an email with:

  • a Colorware license voucher
  • a download link inside your voucher

Install MeasureColor

IMPORTANT: Please Install all available Windows updates onto your PC.

IMPORTANT: check the system requirements here: system requirements

  • A click on the download link in your license voucher will bring you to your software download page.
  • Download the latest MeasureColor installer.
  • Launch the installer and choose Client & Server.
  • If Windows indicates a pending reboot the installer will ask for a reboot and halt. Please reboot the machine and restart the installer as many times as needed.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and go through all steps. Installing will take up to 40 minutes depending on the circumstances
  • When asked, click the Configure server for first use button
  • Follow the steps during installation to finish the installation process until this dialog appears:

Activate your license

  • Click Configure server for first use
  • Fill in your contact and company details
  • Create the admin account when asked (and keep your credentials in a safe place, there is no password reset possible)
  • Click the ‘Activate your software license now’ button
  • Fill in the asked details from your license voucher
  • Submit your registration, your license is now activated and the server is ready-to-use

Install the measuring client

There are two ways to do that:

  1. Resume the installer by clicking Launch client software. This is only possible when using the client on the same machine as where the server runs
  2. Download the client installer from the server, this will also work over the network: Adding a Measuring client

Launch MeasureColor

  • Login using the MeasureColor Admin account you’ve made before

Next steps