ColorCert Automation Tool – Installation and configuration

IMPORTANT: Before your measurements are accepted on the Scorecard Server, your company must be enabled on the Scorecard Server by XRite. Your default name is generated automatically by MeasureColor and is built by taking your MeasureColor company name + the zip code (example ‘colorwarebv-2242vm).

Installation of the CCA tool

The CCA tool only needs to be unpacked on the hard drive of the MeasureColor client computer.
The default path is C:CCAutomationTool. If the tool is installed on a different location, you must change the path settings in the MeasureColor LocalConfig accordingly:

Key Value
ColorCert.Options.AutomationToolExePath C:CCAutomationToolCCAutomationTool.exe
ColorCert.Options.AutomationToolFilePath C:CCAutomationTool

Location of the ColorCert Rule file(s):

The CCA tool needs a valid ColorCert Rule file (.ccr) to send the data to the Scorecard Server. The rule file is typically supplied by the brand owner.The rule file must be placed within a folder called ‘rules’ within the CCA Tool directory (example: C:CCAutomationToolrules).

Update your MeasureColor license

Your MeasureColor license needs to be updated before the CCA functionality is enabled.