selecting the server on import

Importing openColor Reference targets into MeasureColor

From MeasureColor versions 19.3 and later, the MeasureColor Reference manager can import Reference targets from GMG openColor directly, using an HTTP connection with the GMG openServer.

Note: License restrictions apply, contact your local reseller for more information on openColor enabled licenses.

Note: Please first make a server connection with the GMG openColor server: gmg_opencolor_server_connection

When importing a Reference into the Reference manager there will be a choice between File and GMG openColor.

selecting the project from the server

When a project contains a Process color set only:

When a project contains both a Process set and a spot library

After the download (please wait)

After a while the message * Color targets downloaded * will appear next to select button. Click Next to start the import wizard.


When the seat count of your MeasureColor license exceeds the scope of your GMG license this message may appear. Please contact GMG for a license update.