Harmony curve fine-tune in MeasureColor

In Harmony, the CTP curve is called Calibration curve. The calibration curve is the result of the target curve and the measured curve. The actual curve is calculated live, and it is normally not stored separately.

If you export an existing curve from Harmony, you actually export the target and measured curve. MeasureColor does not support that structure, you need to export the calibration curve.

So here's what you need to do:

From Harmony, select the curve you wish to fine-tune. There is a menu where you can convert/generate the target/measured curve to a calibration curve. Once the Calibration is created you can save/export that curve (it is an .hmy file)

In MeasureColor, select the Process Control module, open the job with your measurements.

  • Go to 'CTP curve' view.
  • Click 'Load curve', select the Harmony format and import the 'Calibration curve' you just exported in the previous step (HARMONY).
  • Now the curve is loaded (see 'current curve') and the correction curve is calculated immediately.
  • Click on 'Save curve' and save it as new calibration curve in Harmony format.

Back in Harmony, import the calibration curve. You might have to tweak the curve name, but the curve itself is exactly what you need.