Importing color targets from GMG OpenColor into MeasureColor


  • Available from MeasureColor versions 21.1 and later
  • License restrictions apply. Please contact your reseller if you need to add the connection to your MeasureColor license.


From the System management module, select System → External color servers

A list of servers appears (this might be empty until you add one). Click the green [Add item] button.

  1. You can give a connection a name for easy reference (this will be displayed when importing references)
  2. Enter the address where this OpenColor server can be found in the network.
  3. Select ‘GMG OpenColor’ as Color server type
  4. Save your new (or edited) entry

You can add several OpenColor servers to the same MeasureColor server. All OpenColor servers added here will become available to all MeasureColor clients that use a GMG OpenColor-enabled license.

URL settings

  • The OpenColor server typically runs on port 8080
  • You should know the PC’s IP address running the openColor server and add:8080. If the openColor server runs on, the full URL should read
  • All kinds of variations exist on URL settings, connection might be blocked by proxies, firewalls, and virus scanners. Please check with your local IT manager how to proceed if following the above examples does not result in proper connections.

Colorbook update notification

  • From MeasureColor 23.2 and later, the MeasureColor Reference manager will show a warning when GMG OpenColor color books were updated, but not yet updated in MeasureColor
  • When an update warning is shown, select the row and update with the update button

Automating GMG OpenColor color book updates

  • From MeasureColor 23.2 and later can check and update all color books that originate from OpenColor by pointing a browser to a certain MeasureColor server page. This can be used to auto-update the MeasureColor color with a Windows task.
  • From the server, the updates can be initiated by pointing a browser to http://localhost:3000/Api/OpenColor/UpdateAllOpenColorColorBooks
  • The best practice would be to start these updates from one machine, the MeasureColor server would be a good candidate.