Setting all Job parameters in the XML ('Full')

General XML elements:

Element Remark mandatory
Administrative elements
<Clientname> Name of the customer, will be added when new Y
<JobNumber> Y
<JobName> N
<JobDescription> N
<SignatureNumber> N
<InkSetName> InkSetName must match a Ink Set Name in MeasureColor N
Color target settings
<SubstrateName> SubstrateName must match a Substrate Name in MeasureColor Y
<PrintingConditionName> PrintingConditionName must match a Printing Condition Name in MeasureColor Y
Operational settings
<MachineName> MachineName must match a Machine Name in MeasureColor N
<Scanside> ScanSide must be either Top/Bottom/Unknown N
<ColorbarName> ColorbarName must match a Color Bar Name in MeasureColor N
<MeasurementConditionsName> MeasurementConditionsName must match a Measurement Condition Name in MeasureColor N
<ToleranceSetName> Tolerance set name must match a Tolerance Set Name in MeasureColor N
<DisableColorBarPatches> Disable individual patches of a Color bar.(<DisableColorBarPatches>1, 2, 15, 16</DisableColorBarPatches>) N
Print Quality Information settings
<PrintQualityInformation Brand=“Brand name” Category=“Product category”> Will be added when new N
<PremediaCompany> Will be added when new N
<PrintingProcess> Must be Offset, Flexo, Gravure, Digital or Other N
<SubstrateClass> Must be FilmWhite, FilmClear, FilmMetalized, Vinyl, Paper, Paperboard, Corrogated, Metal or Other N
<DesignNumber> optional Design Number N
Remote Print Service Provider settings
<PrintLocationCompanyName> Must be an existing 'Limited Printing Location' name N
<MachineName Must be the name of a Machine set up for that 'Limited Printing Location' N

Setting Color Target inks and use

Element Attribute Remark Required
<ColorReference> Ink name must be an existing Inkname in the set Color Book Name N
<ColorReference> ColorbarSlot “0” to “11” Y
<ColorReference> RunSequence “0” to “11” Y
<ColorReference> ReferenceType “Process” or “Spot” Y
<ColorReference> ColorBookName Must match an existing Color Book Name in MeasureColor and should be compliant with the PrintingCondition set Y
<ColorReference> Info “Additional info” N
<ColorReference> TargetDotgainCurveName Must match an existing Default Dotgain Curve in MeasureColor N
<ColorReference> DisableTints “25, 75” would disable tints 25 and 75 for that Ink N
<ColorReference> DisableAllTints DisableAllTints=“1” would disable all tints for that Ink N

Example code snippet:

		<ColorReference RunSequence="1" ColorbarSlot="0" ReferenceType="Process" ColorBookName="Process colors (Fogra51)">K</ColorReference>
		<ColorReference RunSequence="2" ColorbarSlot="1" ReferenceType="Process" ColorBookName="Process colors (Fogra51)">C</ColorReference>
		<ColorReference RunSequence="3" ColorbarSlot="2" ReferenceType="Process" ColorBookName="Process colors (Fogra51)">M</ColorReference>
		<ColorReference RunSequence="4" ColorbarSlot="3" ReferenceType="Process" ColorBookName="Process colors (Fogra51)">Y</ColorReference>

		<ColorReference RunSequence="5" ColorbarSlot="4" ReferenceType="Spot" ColorBookName="OGV (M1)" TargetDotgainCurveName="Default Linear Curve" Info="Some additional ink info">Example Orange</ColorReference>
		<ColorReference RunSequence="6" ColorbarSlot="5" ReferenceType="Spot" ColorBookName="OGV (M1)" TargetDotgainCurveName="Default Linear Curve" Info="Maybe Anilox info" DisableAllTints="1">Example Green</ColorReference>
		<ColorReference RunSequence="7" ColorbarSlot="6" ReferenceType="Spot" ColorBookName="OGV (M1)" TargetDotgainCurveName="Default Linear Curve" Info="or other identifier" DisableTints="25, 75">Example Violet</ColorReference>

Custom Data Fields (optional)

For every CustomDataField you can enter an ID (1-12) and a name the operator is required to fill when setting up a new job:

        <CustomDataField Id="1" Name="1st">Value1</CustomDataField>
        <CustomDataField Id="2" Name="2nd">Value2</CustomDataField>

Example downloads

Example File
Full with MeasureColor Print Quality Info
Full for Scorecard Server (Custom Fields)