Fresh Installation (Server + Client)

This would be typically the first install on a standalone PC or on a server for multi-client use.

Installing the server application

Step4 Step5
  1. Download the installer from the link on your license voucher. (You can always download the voucher again from your account)
  2. Reboot the PC prior to starting the installation
  3. Double-click the installer to get it started
  4. Please check the File location and agree to the terms and conditions to continue
  5. In the profile selection dialogue select to install the server and client application
  6. When the 'Select SQL Server installation method' is presented normally it's best to click [Download and Install]. Alternatively, you can open the advanced options to select an existing installer. If you need to add the MeasureColor database to an existing SQL stack, see this page: installing_measurecolor_to_an_existing_sql_stack
  7. The ' it looks like we are nearly finished! ' dialog is shown. Press the upper green button to configure the MeasureColor server, make an admin user for MeasureColor and activate the license through a account. Use the License key on the voucher for the activation.
Step6 Step7

Installing the client application

  1. When the license is activated, press the lower green button to launch the client software
  2. Depending on your system various prerequisites might be installed or downloaded to make your system ready.
  3. Please check the File location and agree to the terms and conditions to continue
  4. Select the devices that you want to install (or keep them all checked)
  5. Follow the installation wizard when it installs various third party components for the device support
  6. In the first-run configuration wizard keep Localhost:3000 unless you have a good reason to do otherwise
  7. Select the devices you wish to use.
  8. Login to start using MeasureColor