MeasureColor File import/export

MeasureColor can import and export various file formats to make it easy to exchange files with other software. Here we list the most imported formats, what data can be exchanged, file extensions and where you can import / export.

Color References

Color References can be imported and exported from the Reference Manager.

MeasureColor CSV ICC profiles X-Rite MIF Color Exchange Format ANSI CGATS
File Extension *.CSV *.ICC *.MIF *.CxF *.TXT
Process Colors
Spot Colors
Grey Balance

Measurement export

List of measurement export formats (from the Wrench tool):

Extension LAB Spectral Density TVI CTP Delta-E Import Tolerance
CMYKOptimizer *.TXT
ColorCert *.SVF
Color Exchange Format *.CxF
Extended CSV *.CSV
JMF(InkZone) *.XML
MeasureColor Enhanced SVF *.SVF
Shinohara *.ROF
Scan Value File *.SVF
XML Quality Export *XML

Measurement import

Extension LAB Spectral Density
BST IPQ-spectral* *.CxF
KBA Ergotronic* *.XML
CxF3 *.CXF
Heidelberg *.TXT
Komori *.SVF

* license restrictions may apply

CTP Curve Export / Import

These are available from the CTP view in the Process control modules.

File Type Extension
Agfa Apogee *.XML
Average Dot gain and CTP *.TXT
Caldera RIP *.PPC
Dot gain and CTP *.TXT
Fuji XMF *.CSV
GMG ColorServer *.TXT Use this format if you need to type curves manually
Harmony *.HMY
ISO 18620-2016 *.XML
Esko curvepilot *.TED
Tab Delimited *.TXT
HP LUT export *.ZIP See Settings for HP LUT export