Installing instructions

Detailed MeasureColor installing instructions:

  • The Colorware installer is capable of installing the complete MeasureColor system (client, server and prerequisites) on your computer
  • During installation Windows might show some notifications depending on your local safety restrictions and the options you have chosen to install.


Depending on installation type and options, the following prerequisites might be installed on your system:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • DotNet Framework 3.5
  • DotNet Framework 4.6
  • Visual C++ 2012 SP1 Redistributable x86
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and device drivers.

What you need:

  • A computer that meets these typical specifications:
  • Windows 7(SP1)/ Windows 8/8.1/ Windows 10/ Server 2008 R2/ Server 2012 R2
  • 2Ghz Dual core processor or better
  • 4Gb Ram
  • A proper video card
  • At least 10Gb Hard disk space available
  • MeasureColor 15 or later installer

Generic preparations:

  • Make sure your computer is completely up to date, having installed all Windows Service packs and possible security updates.
  • When a reboot is pending SQL and IIS won't install and installing MeasureColor will fail. Look at the power options to check for any pending reboots and restart the Operating System if needed.
  • On certain systems MeasureColor needs a reboot to finish the install. Schedule the install at a time rebooting will have no consequences for other duties the PC might have.
  • As MeasureColor uses Microsoft SQL server express it might be handy to pre-download the SQL installer, especially in places where internet is slow or unavailable. Use the table below to download the right version from
operating system SQL version File to download
Windows x86 (32 bit) SQL 2014 Express SQLEXPRWT_x86_ENU.exe
Windows x64 (64 bit) SQL 2014 Express SQLEXPRWT_x64_ENU.exe

Client/server architecture

  • MeasureColor runs as client/server solution. This means that all data (references, measurements, tolerances, color bar information, etc.) is automatically stored on a central server. That server could reside anywhere: local computer, local network or in the cloud. You have complete freedom of choice.
  • Performing color measurements and quality analysis are done from the ‘client’ software.You can have one client connecting to one local server (standalone) or a bunch of clients connecting to the same server on the network.
  • The MeasureColor installer allows you to install client and server all on one computer or install as separate components.

Microsoft IIS web server

IIS (Internet Information Services) is the web server that is used by the MeasureColor Server. During the installation process, the MeasureColor 15 installer checks if IIS needs to be activated on your computer and performes the IIS server activation automatically.

MeasureColor 15/16 installation:

Launch the MeasureColor installer and follow the on screen instructions. The installer should lead you through all steps of the installation process.

Reboot the PC if the installer asks it. The installation can't finish if this is omitted

SQL installer

Here you can choose for a pre-downloaded SQL installer or download it automatically. From 17.1 and later we also offer the choice to skip SQL installation altogether (for custom installs only).

Post installation actions

  • When the installer finishes, a window is shown that allows you to either start the ‘client’ software or setup the server for it’s first use.
  • If you just installed a fresh copy of the MeasureColor server you need to provide some basic information before the first use of MeasureColor. If you just updated your copy of MeasureColor 4 to version 15 you can skip this step and launch the client software.
  • Click on ‘Configure server for first use’. This will open up a web browser that connects to the server.
  • Follow the instructions on screen until you reach the point where the server is configured and your software license is activated. You can then safely close the browser window.
  • You can launch the client software and start working with MeasureColor!

Next steps:

  • Read the Getting started manuals that are installed with the client software. A shortcut to the manual is placed on your desktop.