Backing up your database

This QuickStart document describes how to setup a basic backup and restore system for your database using freeware solutions.

MeasureColor stores its data in a MSSQL Server database. Over time your database grows and gets more and more value
because of the historical data that it holds. Therefore it is good use to create regular backups of the database.

Default database location

For MSSQL Server, the database is stored by default in the SQL Server directory inside your Program Files directory.Please check and make sure that your backup system has added this location to the daily backup routines.

Advanced backup and restore procedures:

System managers and expert users might find valuable information on advanced backup and restore procedures
from the Microsoft MSDN here:

Please note this link leads to a SQL 2008 R2 document but provides links to other SQL versions. Please select the page of your current SQL install.

SQLBackupAndFTP backup solution by Pranas.Net

For a basic, easy to use yet automated backup solution, visit This utility (free of charge for SQL Express!) creates full database backups automatically. In case of emergency you can restore your database very quickly via their Restore ultility:

Creating automated backups using SQLBackupAndFTP

  • Download and install SQLBackupAndFTP (include OneClick SQL Restore when asked)
  • Launch SQLBackupAndFTP
  • Select the database (Colorware) and choose a destination folder
  • Schedule the backup job
  • Save the settings, when asked, provide Administrator credentials
  • That’s all!

Restoring SQLBackupAndFTP generated backups

  • Open the One-Click SQL Restore utility (Start menu: All Programs: SQLBackupAndFTP)
  • Select the backup  le that you created earlier (Source)
  • Select the SQL database (Target, default ‘Colorware’)
  • Click Restore
  • That’s all!


Colorware holds no responsibility for database integrity, security, maintenance, backup and restore procedures. This QuickStart is provided as additional help pointing to one or more methods on how to secure your data. It is advised that a trained system engineer monitors and manages your system.