Using MeasureColor 'CTP curve-on-curve' with CurvePilot

While MeasureColor can export a CTP-curve for CurvePilot (a .TED file), CurvePilot cannot export a .TED to get a starting point for MeasureColor Curve-on-curve.

Working solution:

  • From CurvePilot, copy/paste ‘current plate curve’ values for the first color into Excel
  • Repeat for each color
  • Save the Excel data as Tab delimited CSV file but with a .TXT file extension
  • Import into MeasureColor CTP as 'GMG ColorServer' to get a CTP startcurve
  • Save the corrected CTP result as Esko .ted file
  • Import .ted directly in Esko CurvePilot

Note: if Esko imports the .ted but shows no dotgain curves, open the .ted file, search/replace ‘,' for ‘.’ and try again. If the decimal delimiter is not OK, Esko won’t import the file correctly and show no dotgain curves.

Note2: If you wish to fine tune the curve on a later time again, it is a good idea to save the curve as .ted, but also as GMG curve so you can use that as start the next time you need to finetune the curve again.