Creating custom references from ICC profiles


By default, MeasureColor is installed with most industry standard references for ISO 12647-2 and GRACoL but it doesn’t stop there of course. Many companies use in house standards for specific substrates and/or customers which need to be maintained as well.

ICC profiles

When maintaining custom standards, ICC profiles are typically used to perform color separations and output simulation on a contract proof. MeasureColor imports ICC profiles and converts them to MeasureColor references so you can also produce print according to the same color specifications.

What do you need

  • An ICC profile to import
  • Density values of the solids on the substrate you are gonna use
  • If available the TVI curve where the profile was based on (not mandatory)

Importing ICC profiles

To convert an ICC profile to a MeasureColor reference, do the following:

  • In the MeasureColor home screen, go to the Reference manager. If the Reference manager isn't available in your MeasureColor home screen please check your user settings.

  • Click on ‘Import’.

  • Select ‘ICC profile’ as the file type, the dialog now shows ICC profiles only. Select the ICC profile you need a reference from.
  • Because an ICC profile does not contain any production densities, you can provide that info here as well. Use the density values from the finger print as a starting point.
  • Also, select the target dot gain curve that was used during the print production of the profile. If no target dot gain is available leave the setting on “calculate using imported color data”. This will approximate the values mathematically.

  • Save the new reference.

Your reference is now ready to be linked to the proper Printing condition. More information can be found here: Reference Manager