Connecting your MeasureColor server to a BST Smart data preparation server

From MeasureColor 19.1 and later you can connect the MeasureColor server to the BST Smart data preparation server in order to exchange job data. MeasureColor jobs will be registered in the Smart data preparation server before measurements start. A MeasureColor BST license seat is required for each workstation that actually processes the IPQ Spectral measurements with the MeasureColor measuring client.


  • MeasureColor 19.1 or later
  • one or more MeasureColor BST license seats
  • the BST IPQ Spectral Inline Color Measurement system
  • your BST Smart data preparation server URL and credentials

linking the servers

Go to System management and open the BST Smart Data Preparation Configuration dialog:

Insert your Server URL, API Id and API Secret Key and hit [Save and test connection].

If all settings are correct and the BST server is online and accessible over the network MeasureColor will confirm with a clear message:

Trouble shooting

If a network error appears, check whether the BST server is online and can be reached from the MeasureColor server.

If this message is shown, it means that the server is reachable, but either the API ID or the secret key is not correct (you can extend the details for more information):