Configuring the 'configuration of measured area changed' warning

Automatic scanning devices as an X-Rite ITX or a Techkon SpectroDrive may sometimes skip one or two patches at the beginning or the end of a Color bar, sometimes as a result of cutting or another reason.

When this happens, MeasureColor will display the 'configuration of measured area changed' warning. In cases where changes take place constantly because of skipped patches, you might want to change that behaviour.

Hereunder we list the keys that influence this behaviour, these can be set in the user groups to configure when the warning will be displayed.

Note: Changing these parameters could lead to misreadings being stored in a job without warning, carefully evaluate your changes.

To overcome issues with one or two patches being skipped changing the CorrectMeasurementPercentage would be the best place to start.


  • The delta-E value used in to decide if a sample is likely wrong.
  • default is 50.0
  • In general, this value works fine


  • default=100.0
  • At 100, all errors will be reported the first time they occur
  • If set to a value below 100, say 80, then the warning will be shown only if at least 20 percent of the patches have changed
  • if you want to change anything, the starting point would be to set this value to 90 and tweak from there


  • default=true
  • When set to false (not recommended) measure area changes are not reported at all.